A few of our Fav’s from years past – we can’t spoil ALL the suprises!


Claustrophobic? This may challenge you!

Tombstone Trudge

It's still early so you shouldn't feel like death yet, but you are going to have to drag around your tombstone anyway. Either by yourself or with your fellow MudRunners grab ahold of the rope attached to the slab of granite and start heading up the hill. At the designated turn around point make the turn and head back down hill and leave the hunk of granite where you found it for the next eager MudRunner.

Frog Pads

Ever played frogger? Welcome to the real life version! (without having to dodge cars...) Built over two barrels these floating pads measure four feet by four feet and are spaced about three feet apart floating on a scummy pond. Get from one side of the pond to the other by balancing on the pads and hoping from one to the next. Careful though, as you shift your weight these pads will shift with you, make a wrong move and you'll come out of the pond looking like the frog you were trying to emulate.

Muddy River

Nothing “manufactured” here just good old fashioned river MUD, bonus if you find at least one lost shoe from years past and you make your way through this one- Pro Tip: IT’S EASIER IF YOU SWIM IT!

Cargo Climb

This one is simple really, we put up a Manitoba MudRun billboard on site and strung a cargo net over it. Naturally you will climb up the cargo net, pop over the sign and crawl back down. Talk about a cool Manitoba MudRun photo!

Bale Tower

This obstacle will bring back memories of growing up on the farm! When you are at the top pause to feel like a champ and take in the view of the beautiful canola fields to the North.

Baba's Bath Tub

Ever reached into a cooler of ice and water to pull out that frosty beverage from the bottom and you couldn't wait to get your hand out of there? Imagine that, but with your whole body submerged and no beer at the bottom! We take a four foot deep dumpster, line it with plastic, fill it half full of water and half full of ice. Jump in and start heading to the other side, half way across you will be forced to duck under a board then get outta there fast before the hypothermia sets in. Suck it up princess!

Climb'n slip'n slid'n splash

Time to get Muddy! Everyone loved the slip and slide as a kid so we have brought it back! Built on a hill we have super-sized this obstacle with a slippery extension on the top of the hill, climb up and then start your descent into the water pit below. Now that you are nice and wet head on over to the next challenge...

Mount Baldy

There is no point in sugar coating it, Mount Baldy is a beast! This is a where your teammates will come in handy, use them to crawl over to get to the top of the 12 foot section of the puck board covered ramp. This will be a slippery test once you are soaking wet. Once you get to the top of the puck board section you are just four feet away from conquering the mountain. Don't forget to turn around and lend a hand to fellow MudRunners, careful though the air is probably pretty thin up there. Once you get yourself down the ladder ramp on the backside, continue on toward the first of three creek crossings.

Cliff Hanger

You must shimmy along this box like structure using only the narrow boards to guide you. Nimble fingers and nimble toes will be your keys to success here young grasshopper. Either that or extra long fingernails and toenails!

Aspen Ape Bars

Nothing brings you back to your childhood like monkey bars! But these are not your standard playground structure, we’ve Ape sized it and armed kids with super soakers for an added challenge...bet you get wet!

Berlin Walls

Measuring in at an impressive 8' and 10' 2" you may need to rely on your fellow MudRunners once again to get over these two walls. Take a running start and bound off of the kick plate to grab the top and pull yourself over, or get a boost up. Once you get a grip on the top stick your butt out and climb up until you can get a leg over, drop of the other side and voila, you can conquer anything.

Home Hardware Free Fall

And I'm free
Free fallin'

Yeah I'm free
Free fallin, to the finish line!

Parkland Source for Sports Zip Line

Hang on and Fly!

There’s added incentive to not let go as you zipline over a super smelly swamp!

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